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It is easy to beat Starbucks - all you have to do is make coffee properly rather than the insipid milky muck they serve up.

Russell, hello, just one question. Should we give you some background of the local competitor, so that the action plan can be better understood? Thanks!

Mafe, sure, why not? If you like. But BRIEF.

"This must be eradicated" tells me all I need to know about Starbucks.

i have just started with assignment number 1. quite late to the party, but let's try embrace the fact i showed up.I was wondering if it is possible to place my entrie on the planner wiki. this way i and all the people who do the assignments, can get multiple feedback. first and foremost from you, Russell, but secondly from all the members of the community. in fact, you should post all the entries on the wiki,. this way u would start a backcatalogue of creative briefs, problems and solutions. this way planners old an new can share and learn from each other.

i admit that my reasons for this open source format are bit selfish, but think it over and let us know.

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