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pans get handled as well.

True. I'd forgotten that one. And baggage.

In Australia we have Account Service. I'd rather work with people who handle a piece of business than those we service it.

Russell, do you think they should be relationship managers instead? what would the traditional servicing role become in the years to come? here in india, they often get a bad rap for being yes'men to the client, or only caring about timelines. If their key function is to manage an account, working closely with the client (like a client exec who works in the agency) - perhaps its time for a new job descriptor?

Like Stan, I agree that servicing as a term seems rather passive - whereas handling/ managing or building relationships suggests some real value. Servicing makes me think change oil, polish the car. manage, handle makes me think - make it run better.

just reviewed and re-structured what was formerly known as account handling/client services. Every job has now become Communications Consultant or Communications Manager.

That is what they do. Manage comms campaigns or provide a comms consultancy on behalf of clients.

This is what my clients pay for. Someone to develop comms ideas and then implement them in the most efficient and resourceful way.

Your article in this week's Campaign REALLY turned up the heat on old Bullmore and his 'blogging is for idiots' stance (from LAST week's Campaign).

How are you feeling about 'duke-ing' it out in public with an old war-horse?

If this is going to turn into a war of words, I'm glad I've got a front-row seat. Sock it to him in the chops!

Hi Russel. I have another name for what you describe: "strategy tourism"! Its the subject of my latest book, and summarised here:

I remember discussing this "handling" word with my wife several years ago. We were both asking ourselves how such a word could have become a generally accepted descriptor, given its rather obvious and negative connotations. The circus animal and B-list celebrity analogy really puts this into perspective.

The pointless theory aspect of planning you astutely describe as brand handling has been a major frustration for me for years. And every so often I can’t help but fall into “eruption mode”, which happened recently on my blog.

It is refreshing and encouraging to say the least to read your Campaign piece. Cheers.

(Thanks for the pointer Marcus. This made for a brilliant start to the day)

I really couldn't agree more with this. (Although I confess my medium of choice is still powerpoint!)

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