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We went along as first-timers. And very nice and non-cliquey it was too.

Cheers Russell. See you next week.

Sorry I didn't make it. I had a grade 10 hangover and the thought of meeting you and all the others was just too much.....

I met up with the Bangkok coffee morning crew last Thursday. We had drinks and pizzas (it was held at night, in a bar - Thais don't do mornings too well, BKK traffic and all). It was fabulous. Pics to follow on my flickr and blog.

At least that shot shows a lot of action, right?

It was nice to be assimilated in a borg like fashion and, although I still have no idea what exactly the coffee morning was all about or who it was intended for, we did meet some nice people. Which was, well, nice.

I was at the Cheltenham Gold Cup throwing away money I don't have. Will be there on the 30th tho. Finally.

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