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nice. on the video/audio front, how about a live video feed on the day?

also, another slightly harder to impliment idea, how about some kind of 2 way link up where 'virtual attendees' can log in and then using webcams be projected in a grid onto the wall inside the space, whilst they watch the live feed.

as more users login to watch the live feed, they are shown on the wall, the grid getting denser with more users online...

logistical nightmare, but maybe an interesting idea worth pursuing here? some way of connecting the 'virtual' and real attendees...

One thing I've always thought sounded cool is something from the more tech-focussed conferences; a semi-official backchannel. Maybe an on-site IRC server or something like that. Less fashionable than twitter, though.

I'm really looking forward to the conference - twenty quid is less than I'd spend going to an average gig, so for a day of interestingness it's a total bargain! All I'm hoping is that I (as a moonlighting scientist who does web/music stuff on the side) won't be too dull for the event...

Fantastic that you'll be managing a way to telecast this to those of us who live in lands far, far away. I should have known you would.

Also, great pleasure to meet you at coffee - it was crazy busy, which is just amazing. Breakfast Club also a nice little place; will keep it in mind for future jaunts to London.

Excited to see how Interesting '07 works out.

This idea may have already been put in place but just in case - the way I found and indulged in the TED experience is through their archived video speeches. They have been drip fed onto their sight and has become a wondeful resource for all of us who can only live in hope of getting a ticket to the Glastonbury of Good Ideas, Interesting 2007, 08, 09 will create the same legacy

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