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I see two options.

1) Create brand extension with opposite charge to existing offering - both consumers thus receive personalised brand warmness.

2) Assume oppositely charged consumers will be attracted to each other and sparks will fly, so focus on provision of family pack warmness.

But I'm sure Sacrum will have unifying theory.

is that malcolm gladwell?

Oh I honour! I thanking you from my bottom Mr Russell Davies for this question. Can I answer it? It's in shadow! Will there be light! The candle has no wind and I shall working on it!

Updatings when finished.

I am sending you warmness.

I think that brand and consummer conected make an double attack to the different charged consummer. This last one receives brand impacts from different channels. One directly from the brand, but the other trough the personal emotion of the other consummer.
PS Isn't this Sacrum Borat?

Hello Rafakir! No, no! My name is Sacrum B.Rown and I am living in Germany.

I send warmness to you.

Truly Bizarre! Great illustrations though.

When's the book out Sacrum?

I anwering question. I hope it is with correctness.

I send you warmness.

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