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I got my ticket! I would have thought that with the recent numbers of people turning up to Coffee Morning then the event will be rammed.

eBay here I come!

I can't afford to buy my ticket until next week but definitely interested. Also happy to help 'on the door' /guest list or whatever else you may need.


We're in. Tickets booked. That Eventbrite thing's a bit nifty 'n' all...

im there!

I'm in - but had to use a Visa card as the system was asking for a verification number for my Switch card, but offered no field in which to enter it. Or did I just miss it with the excitement of getting booked into the first 50?

There is a bug in PayPal's system that relates to Maestro/Switch cards. Read more here: http://www.pdncommunity.com/pdn/board/message?board.id=uk&message.id=470

I'm in.

Done it. Roll on June

Tickets purchased. Many innocent people will be in attendance, enjoying the privileges of Platinum Sponsor status (scotch eggs, warm Tizer and probably some badges).

yay! done. pretty please can us enthusiasts get a badge too? i missed out on the first 50..

You could just refer to it as twenty-oh-seven . . . that's pretty badass.

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