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hear hear

I like the way that they tend to smell of beer in the afternoons. Time was when this was true of many of the most talented and productive folks in adland

This is a planning nugget for aspiring planners. Traffic are proper people. Astrid at BBDO Dusseldorf. You made things happen - Thank you. (what was that nutmeg vodka called again?) xx

It's like... when things get insane, creative services take over.

Great article. Without the "doers" the creative and all the thinking agencies are so proud of never gets done.

Love this article and I've got to agree with Brett, there's so many unsung heroes without whom we'd fall apart.

Anthony Trollope said the most influential person on his success as a novelist was the man he paid to wake him up and bring him coffee so he could start writing at 5.30am every morning.

Not a glamorous job, but essential to getting the books actually written. Even if he never got his name on the cover.

"Just popping in to remind you that the deadline on this brief is 5pm tomorrow."

"Which brief? This one here that says... deadline 5pm tomorrow?"

"Yes, that one"

"Oh, okay. Thank you! Thank you very much"

Good traffic makes good suits in the way good fences make good neighbours.

Planners & creatives probably like to think of the agency as an "ideas factory" that is supported by sensible creative services people. But a lot of clients probably think of their agencies as "creative services suppliers" supported by a bunch of rather impractical people who input the occasional good idea as part of the process.
Q: Does this matter?
Other Q: If so, can we change it?

Love this clip. Known to me as uber traffic people, they've always been the glue that hold everything together no matter what the time, agency, client or project. There still are some places out there in which the traffic folks are viewed as nothing more than paper pushers, but MANY agencies are catching on that these people really DO makes things happen no matter what the challenges are! They indeed deserve the praise. Thanks

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