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yes please,
could you bring me one the next time you visit belgium in your interesting quest? I'll buy you a cup of coffee and I'll find out where you can eat eggbaconchipsandbeans

yes I'd like one. heh, Under Construction 2.0

Oh yes please.

Yes please.

Yup. Make it XXL, though.

I can think of an outlet for two Russell. Not in red though please!

T-shirts maybe, badges yes please!

Aah.. I'd love one of those t shirts. As long as it can shipped to India PLS!

would be great - can see one in my collection in xs, grey if that's possible.

im a bit fat so just a badge


Yes, me too please.

Yesireebob. XL+

Yes yes yes yes. I want two to be shipped to India.

high interest from this corner. yes please!

Yes please. My 'Geek 3000' t-shirt is falling apart.

Oh yeah - and nice talk at Wildfire. (I was one of the majority who went for free. So when you commented on the price, me and the guy I was next to were laughing that only the 10 guys in suits actually paid...)

Yes please.

Where's my free badge? I didn't pay for it ages ago and it still hasn't arrived.

I want one that says 'I can't believe it's not Beta' And I want a FREE shirt because it was MY idea and also please send one to my friend Pete.


Enthusiasm is not in beta, though (!)

Hi Russell,

Could I ask for one please?


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