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You'll love the C2C; for all the reasons that still just about makes Britain Great. Make sure take Alfred Wainwright's guide book (www.wainwright.org.uk) to fill you in on the history, great hand drawn maps & irreverential stories. I guarantee you'll be humming Jerusalem before the end...

Heh. That photo of the BT tower reminds me of my VERY FIRST job interview out of college, at Saatchi's. This would be early 1989. Didn't get the job in the end, but I remember looking up at the tower afterwards...

Ummmm.... I was hoping to attend this Friday's Breakfast Club in Soho, if I'm allowed. May I ask, what's the form for signing up?

My email is [email protected]

Thanks =)

what a wonderful set of walks. just the london ones mind. the coast to coast thing is far too far. you'll catch your death, or something. and there'll be countryside, and things that eat you.
i'm really looking forward to trying your drawing a line between places thing as often as possible.
lovely stuff.

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