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How lovely that it says "To thine own self be true" above the stage. What's that all about?

Ah forget that, I just looked it up. What a wonderful place. The signs are good for something here on Bloomsday.

My Dad has acres of bunting. All red, white and blue.

Conference tshirts by Howies are a must!

I think that lone t-shirt is mine. Hands up, I err on the obsessive side of organised. Have to keep it under cover at work though or someone might try and turn me into an account handler...

the hall looks really nice. like a super deluxe school one.

Yes Gemma, it's yours. Imagine the high-quality design attention it's going to get, sitting on its own at the design conspiracy all day. They'll probably dip it in gold or something.

Or something.

I have got "send t shirt for interesting" on my list of stuff to do and am a long way from actually doing it. So if it was pre-made that would be easier.

me want shirt

me want shirt

me want shirt

I have bunting! Multi-coloured.

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