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Perhaps he'll be flattered. Just a guess. Or you could ask him to act it out while it plays. I'm sure he will. Ze is very open to interpretive dance.

Why is it that sometimes I feel the more Planning I do, the less of a Planner I am?
Churning out powerpoint charts, brand tracking reports, third iteration of a research debrief, answering measurement questions, arguing about a brief - its all nose to the grindstone stuff - but it can mean you're stuck in the trenches, with less time (and energy) to fly over the battlefield and take the longer view.

What are your thoughts on the best ways to achieve more by doing less?

the wildfire things seems to be very interesting, and it's just a short walk from my place, but how the hell should a normal person be able to afford 1,100 pounds for a ticket? well, it's for a small elite then.

i like your idea dave c., russell should consider it

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