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exciting box ticked Russell.

dead glad I got my ticket. can't wait.

Can you make my cheque payable to 'Paul H. Colman', cheers.


Great stuff. Re more bands to be confirmed: Happy to help, as ever. And not just Herd!

Perfect. Hope no one minds me wearing my speedos.

Excellent. Looking forward to finding out how to split a log.

Is it too late to get tickets?

Surely this is the chance to get Bobby Davro up on my chin ? Can anyone do cardboard cut - outs ?

Robots, knots, pipes, and bollards. Ace. This promises to be a meeting of interesting minds like never before. Please let me know if I can help out.

If anyone cancels ... I'm in.

Had a dream last night that this was at the Astoria, with Massive Attack and De La Soul supporting. (Bobby Davro was nowhere to be seen, sadly).

I've got an idea for some music - Russell, can I do a musical knots interlude and get a remote performance up on the AV from a partner ?

What a great line up! If there are any spare tickets, would love to go.

I'm on holiday - any chance of some podcast? or is that not cool*?

I realize I'm over 35 and still saying cool

This sounds 10 awesome (out of 10). I am insanely jealous that I never got a ticket.

sounds... interesting :)

can i come?
managed to find 16th of june... london? should be able to make that...
is the list fixed?
how can i pay?
can i contribute???

2020worldpeace :)

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