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As someone who was religiously told by his parents that they wouldn't play Monopoly with me because it took "too long to play and I had to go to bed soon" [pah!] ... I have been looking for a 'quick version' of the game so I can FORCE people to play with me whenever the feeling takes me.

Please Russell, tell me where I can get it from - and ignore any threatening emails from my family members telling you not to.

Hope all is tops ... you sound abit frustrated with a few things at the moment - so I hope the grey clouds bugger off soon.

Cheers, R

Rob - you obviously don't have children yet and I totally understand the concerns of your charming mum.

Having sat through many a monster monopoly session with my three girls (shortest game 3 hours), I (as a parent) also think this is an excellent idea.

Looks really pretty too.

Oooh, I like the sound of that! Will keep an eye out.

I'll try and remember to bring it to coffee on Friday.

I knew you'd side with my parents Marucs.

Russell ... any tips on where I can get one?

Available now in England via http://www.amazon.co.uk/Monopoly-Express-All-Fun-Minutes/dp/B000E64W4U

Cost is ten pounds or close to twenty dollars plus shipping.

Available in the USA sometime in August 2007. Should be $12.99 in USA

Game description on Wikipedia makes it sound a little bit like Farkel

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