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that walk looks awesome. and very tough. but awesome. and you end up very near to my parent's place (in Staithes) - it's a beautiful part of the world.

192 miles though? Wow.

Healing coming 'atcha.

I'm having a word with some people my end...about your ankle. I'm sure you'll see an improvement by the morning.

better now?

'stolen' for 'swolen' is quite a slip, does it have significance? maybe, maybe I feel that my ankle has been taken from me, and hence my youth and vitality.

arnica... buy some arnica salve and massage it in to your ankle. Has helped for many a triathlon sprain - best of luck!

I recommend Ibruprofen Gel and physio. Not to be taken with Ibruprofen pills, but if you're not taking those either, get some down you - they're the best for reducing swelling. I prefer the gel as it gets right to the heart of the problem without the lethargy.

Drink pineapple juice, it's the natural way of reducing swelliness.
Miss you at Imans in madrid! Some Spanish planners (like myself) will see you in Interesting instead
Take care!

That looks mighty painful.

I'd say feet up for a week, preferably in an oxygen tent.

Feel the love in the room, my friend.

Don't do a Michael Vaughan, pls, and come back too soon...

Ouch. Looks really nasty. By way of healing, I second Collyn's Arnica suggestion, and am sending widescreen positive vibes.

My sympathy. I'm hobbling around town at the moment; my guitar strap broke, sending it straight down onto the joint of one of my toes.

It's kind of a study in puce right now...

As a long-time sufferer of 'ankle crapness', I think you'll be extremely lucky to be walking 192 miles in a week. At the very least, get yourself an elastic ankle support to wear when you do start walking around. Sorry to come over all doom-monger-ish...

well, I'm not doing the whole thing, just from Kirkby Stephen, didn't have time for the whole thing, but you may well still be right.

I think if I'm not up for walking I'll take my bike and cycle it. I don't want to just abandon it.

As someone who did one ankle (falling off walking boots) then the other (more respectably, falling off wedges) last summer, I know the pain.

I hope it recovers very quickly.

Get well soon chief!

Now, riding it is a much better idea. So much more civilised than walking.

Wishing you a speedy recovery Russell.


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