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Russell- great photo. Would you be willing to upload a larger version and place it under a creative commons license for non-profit re-use?

hi Gen,

Glad you like it. There are larger versions here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/russelldavies/463143023/

And feel free to use it for whatever you like.

Russell – I agree, it's a great idea and a great pic. Now, I'm not a psychiatrist – nor do I play one on TV – but I sense a lot of pain in your recent posts. While the web does seem to attract a high proportion of nay-sayers whose first instinct is to attack what they don't like (they've always been around, but the web gives them an unprecendented opportunity to communicate their negativity. When they're older, they'll write letters to the Daily Mail), you should feel proud of yourself, man. You're a pioneer. And while pioneers are easy to attack – remember – you're still a pioneer. Chin up!

I second Richard's comment - you're an important focal point and leader to the international planning community - the supporters outweigh the nay-sayers 1000:1
Give that chin some altitude

Here here! Your thoughts inspire us young planners all over the world. Blogging is a true miracle for planning, thank you for sharing. and for not giving up.

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