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I've lost hours on twittervision.

I'm very interested in seeing how this whole budding Jaiku vs. Twitter war is going to end. Is it going to be just Europe with Jaiku and America with Twitter or are we in for a global winner?

I for one think Jaiku is far superior, with more potential. But the buzz Twitter is getting now is deafening.

wow Twittervision rules!

I've recently signed up for a Facebook account (its kinda like myspace) but it has a STATUS function thats just like twitter - you type in what you're doing 'checking blogs' and it notifies all of your friends and anyone looking at your profile. Its pretty fun although a micro version of Twitter - would be cool if Twitter actually synched with things like that. Was also thinking it would be pretty cool if your phone had a twitter function so if you decided to go to bed early you wouldn't get drunk friends texting or calling or perhaps if you were in a meeting - I guess you could just turn your phone off but hey thats no fun.

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