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Got one. Cheers Russell.

yepp, now i'm a happy camper, thanks russell!

Awww - disaster - where can I get one Russell? Are they changing hands for $1000s on ebay yet? I am as dissapointed as you were before you changed the headline.


This is GREAT news.

And so is this, I've invented an advertising adventure game which aims to educate people about the internet through adverts.

Here's the rules:

1) Go to my blog but instead of just reading the key guru insights (as per normal), the object of the game is to try to discover the adverts I've hidden in the site.

2) When you find an advert click on it and you'll go 'up a ladder' to a NEW website. Great exploring fun!

3) Immediately 'go down a snake' by going back to my blog and repeating from step 1.

Do this a LOT and I 100% GUARANTEE that you'll be 'interested' in '2007'.

As a hint, the adverts are all hidden in a column on the right-hand side of the page. Click on a LOT for maximum adventure/education.

Russell, do ghosts need to buy tickets?

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