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i play a few chords - but the guy that organises this ( http://www.ukejoint.co.uk ) is a friend of mine and a great performer.

Alledgedly Ed Morris is a big fan...

And the Uke orchestra of GB are always doing workshops...

Doesn't Ivan Pollard at Naked? For some reason I think so, Faris?

Mark Reddy plays the ukulele, doesn't he? I don't know if he'll be going tough.

I play the ukulele. Last week I learned 'See You In My Dreams' (as played by Joe Brown as the tear-jerking closer at the Concert for George).

But I live in Los Angeles.

Satellite link up?

Perhaps you could create an attendee database of non-Planning related skills and interests?

Russell, I studied music. I have a lousy ukulele and I play a few chords too, but if you need something I can see and eventually practice...

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