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Russell, interestingly enough I've just worked on a very similar project lately so if they think someone who's not from "out there" can help, i'll be happy to share what we managed to do with our project here


Sounds interesting, I think I could spend a bit of spare time on that - all in the name of good causes.

Get in touch on email and I'll see what I can do.

hey chief - as I said always happy to help - although I'm not so hot on the numbers side ;)

I'm happy to help too(time permitting and all that). If it's monetising inventory they're after perhaps a media owner can give a different perspective...?

happy to help if possible, though would add the same caveat as Faris...

I'd like to help.

would be happy to help if i can

Hi Russell - I'd be very happy to put some time in here - and we have a few people here who are quite good at numbers too ;)
let me know how I can help you move this forward

Hi Russell,

I'm willing to help as much as i can, particularly if they something related to Asia. They or you can email me anytime on yousuf.rangoonwala@the-bakery-jakarta.com

Looking forward to hear from you.



would love to help out. i have a team of media brains and research tools that could allocate some hours to the cause. just ask.

Of course - always willing to lend media brains...this knowledge should be used for some good.

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