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Sounds interesting. Count me in.

Go on then - sounds a laugh...

I'm totally down. Count me in.

Much as I love the ethereal world we inhabit in this blogsphere, if real-life stationery is involved, count me in.

I moved out of direct mail print and production after 10 years because I saw no future in it. I would be really interested to see how print can respond to the digital viral world - count me in!

Paper, colours, ink and so forth? Lovely stuff. Delighted to help.

What a nice idea, and strangely it seems almost vintage now. I can't remember the last time i sent a letter, but it's so much nicer than sending an e-mail.

Sounds like an intersting exercise - would love to join in and see how the thing pans out.

Me too.

Why not.
count me in
unless it's full of course...
sob sob

Always down for interesting projects. Count me in as well:)

Seems interesting and a fun thing to do. Count me in.

With me it's personal. I'll help oot. Sounds like that game in school where you would each draw a bit of a person then fold over the page so the next person couldn't see what they looked like.

Would love to help, but my location (Toronto) suggests one issue with viral in an undigital space - that distance isn't dead. Or at least, distance is a vampirish drain on speed of circulation. Good luck with Royal Mail!

I'm in.

I love printing, posting, and experiments, so I offer my help freely.

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