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so many objects seem to have faces after you look at them for awhile! this is the topic of my yet-to-be-completed ( it will never happen) children's book - it's a bunch of pictures of various things like faucets, fixtures, and other everyday things that seem to have a face and a life behind them.

I was going to call it "Wherever you go, you're never alone", and it's rhymey poetry...and now i'm re-inspired to work on it!!! thank you!

I love the Jeeves clock. I can't stand beginning the day in a state of apoplexic alarm.

I also wonder whether the expression 'I'm up!...' is part of the male DNA. I seem to be able to utter it even when I am, in fact, still fast asleep.

Isn't that a curious expression? Fast asleep. I'm not even fast awake.

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