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Does this help?


Ah, two problems.

1) Creating an 'interesting' rss feed using Yahoo Pipes.

Basically you send the twitter public timeline feed to a Pipe, the pipe looks for the word 'interesting' as the first word of the tweet, collects them into a new rss feed, ignoring the rest.

Here's a working 'interesting' demo:

Clone/copy the pipe for yourself or just use the demo rss feed as is, or send it to a new feedburner feed for neatness.

2) Sending the 'interesting' rss feed into the twitter/interesting account.

Use this: http://rss2twitter.com

Hope that works out for you.


That solution isn't entirely satisfactory.

Working on it with Mr Zero on twitter.

Anyone else care to chip in?

Looking at this for clues: http://twitter.com/macworld

New pipe using 'interesting07' as the unique keyword:


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