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Gawd... BJ can read my mind. I wanted to just blog "YES" Will ditto do?

yes, if you blog something, not just ask the question, otherwise it's just smart arse toss ;-)

....uh... so in that case... in this case. no.

Yeah but no but yeah but no but yeah but no cos like.......

Is it because the biggest readers of profession-related blogs are bloggers and therefore if you blog something about blogging, your traffic goes up because you're blogging about something which bloggers are actually interested in...blogging.

I think someone should blog about this.

The effort to find an answer made my nose bleed...

I've followed this fight from day ONE and have been LOUDLY talking big advice from the sidelines (or the 'ropes' if you imagine it like a boxing ring).

So far, there hasn't been any complete fatalities but Russell literally had the stuffing knocked out of him by Jeremy Bullmore.

He may look old, but he's a WAR HORSE and knows how to put a dagger of journalism between the ribs of blogging.

To my TRAINED eye, Russell was on the mat and Bullmore came at him with a clothes line. Wallop!

Result = no more planning blogging from Davies.

Then Will Humphrey tagged into the ring and gave Bullmore a slice to the chops, using his OWN blog like a knife.

Result = no more anti-blog tirades from War-Horse-Bullmore (WHB).

Conclusion: there's blood spilled on BOTH sides but no-one has gone in for a kill. I wish they would - the suspense is rotten.

Future: bloggers should close internet access from journalists. This is easier than it sounds and would teach them a BIG lesson if they couldn't access email or find out what time Pirates of the Caribbean 3 is on over the Bank Holiday.

It's basically every hour.

Yes and no. Depends on what aspects of blogging journalists blogging about blogging are blogging about.

If it's something that hurts the interests of bloggers then yes,. And if not, no. Btw, whose blog is this on anyway?

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