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I vote for Bjork at the opening ceremony - she is bonkers and although not British is very entertaining.

Please NOT the Spice Girls.

Spot on Russell, it's a totally unique experience. Almost like being a tourist in your own hometown, because all of a sudden new and cool things are places you never thought they'd be.

People who aren't excited usually haven't fully grasped what they're all about.

Roll on '12

What do you think about the new logo?

I'm definately excited too! I think the recent disaster of the logo has over-shadowed what fun the Olympics will be. Having lived in london for a year now though, I don't think Londoners are all that good at showing any excitement...

I for one think it will pretty damn fun - not billions and billions of pounds of fun, necessarily. But still quite a lot of fun.

Also, I want to run an "alternative Olympics" (egg and spoon race, three-legged race, all the classics) and I have a whole 5 years to procrastinate, which is a rare treat.

I am very excited. It will be great. Like you say, "an unparalleled opportunity to... do things you've never done before".

I can also vouch for all members of The Design Conspiracy. They are very excited too.

I can understand that. It does seem exciting. I'm excited about the Commonwealth Games coming to Glasgow (maybe) in 2014 and the thought of new buildings (yes, velodrome!) and general stuff. Brits are so crap at sport. It's totally embarrassing to go anywhere else like Australia where they actually get it. So I'm backing the bid.

Also, Neil took Tommy to the athletics the other week and he got to meet Kelly Holmes, which is really cool. He loved it as well so it was a fun and also wholesome day out.

I think if we get too excited now we are wasting 4 years of moaning time, and that, in my opinion, would be a mistake.

It's five years away! Everybody get a grip. Constrain your excitement. Save your outpourings till nearer the day!

And Ben I doubt the design conspiracy is a maoist organisation but your comemnt makes it sound that way ;O)

Great, at last someone with a positive attitude. There is so much negative spirit around nowadays and I don't know why. There are some fabulous things happening. I have just been reading all the negative comment around about the iPhone. Whats really great about the iPhone is that all the other phone companies have already woken up and are reaising their games. We will be the winners, no matter which phone you buy. The same with the Olympics. Our country will be shown in a positive light. I can understand how the rest of the country can feel like its only for Londoners, but I live in the North and can easily travel to be there. Even if I don't go, I am sure the effects will be felt here.

John - I think all my comments suffer from sounding sarcastic when they're not meant to be!

What I mean is that they are all excited too.

Paul - smoking will be banned in the velodrome.

having lived in a city that's had a recent-ish olympic games (sydney), i can tell you that you london kids are gonna have a blast, but only if you're completely cynical about it right up until the starter's pistol.

i moaned while dutifully putting in for the ticket ballot, begrudgingly staying in town instead of going on holidays, whinged about the logo, i tutted at the plans to improve transport in the city and rolled my eyes at the change in daylight savings (summer time) just for the games...

and when the games rolled in and it was 24/7, i had the best flippin' time! it was great! you just wait...

Spot on Russell. I was in Millbank when the announcement came and it felt fantastic. Loads of wonderfully oblique stuff twixt extraordinary backdrops. What's not to like about volley ball on horse guards parade? Glorious.
Great speech by Ken L the other day to one of the groups (I know but stay with it) who are integrating cultural actvity etc. Festval Hall will be a key player. Ken believes this is it. London's moment. After 2012 the focus will shift towards Asia or South America. But for now it's all coming together. For once I agree with him
Plus I live in the east end and intend to rent my house out to the Slovakian gymnastic team. Small, neat and always training so they wont trash my living room. Hopefully

I am excited about the velodrome. But will they have a safe place to lock up my bike while I'm attending?

We have a similar issue up here in Edinburgh, only on an annual basis. Lots of people moan about how crowded the city gets during the Festival and how they're going to leave town and rent their houses out for a month's rent every week. Then it's here and, for the whole month of August, Edinburgh is the most cosmopolitan, most happening, most stimulating place on earth. Nearly there again. Can't wait.

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