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I've put something up now. It's here http://www.ilike.org.uk/2007/06/what_goes_on_tour_stays_on_tou.html

Thanks Russell. Suspect the impact of the event is far more than we can evaluate right now. Mortified (inevitably, forgive me, I am a girl) at my pictures. Remind me of my friends advice this evening- if the technology of connectvity is an obstruction(i.e facebook) you are too old.

Ann's postcards are beautiful. She was kind enough to send me some. One is the Golden weddding Card for my lovely aunties anniversary. She will love, understand and applaud it. BTW this was the woman at the age of 73 has just challenged ASDA on their lable of "women's fiction" as reductive and unhelpful. In writing. As a JP. Don't mess with Northern women.

The postcards look great as an ensemble.

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