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Hey Russell, yesterday was top. Well done you for pulling it all together. It was lovely, fun and seamless. A career in event management beckons.

Some of my favourite things were: the excitement of watching and reading about it take shape, the feeling like we were all off on a great adventure. The CD-vinyl # I got in my goody bag. The perfectly random speakers. And the fact that they were programmed in perfectly (don’t tell me that just happened by design). The editor of the New Statesmen doing his Al Pacino. And the scones and jam and cream. I had two portions.

Some stuff for next time – and yes, a next time would be great – it’d be great to have more speakers in smaller rooms, so you can just wander around and bump into different things. Like a house party with interesting people holding court. And maybe a bit less powerpoint. And maybe a few less male, nerdy types, like me. And the bloke from Scritti Politti who played the saw, to come back and do a Guns N Roses number. That’d be fun.

well done again. that was spesh.

Loved it. Have just posted a gushing piece on my blog, then went over to technorati and was reminded of all the other fabulous stuff I loved too. And I mede new plannery-type friends too which is even better.

Thank you Russell for making it all happen and PLEASE can we do it again next year.

Just great. A reflection of your warmth, enthusiasm, knack for slowing the world down and creativity. Similarly gushing puff piece on my blog.

And LOVE my new mate Adil now positioning Matt at The New Statesmen. Cameron will laugh all the way to Notting Hill...

Everyone smiled. How nice is it to share ideas in that atmosphere?

Huge congatulations and thank you to everyone.
Travelled up to Nottingham now, leading a course tomorrow. Wish I was back in Conway Hall with you lot. Doubt if this lot will be such fun.

Thanks Russell and for such a lovely bunch of people welcoming a non-planner into the ranks. I've done a short review on my blog.
It was a pleasure to help out and lovely to see people doing the same at the end as well.
Seminar's/conferences will never be the same again.
Roll on interesting 08!

Thank you so much Russell, it was marvellous day which reminded me of school lessons as a 9 year old with a favourite teacher who always drifted off topic and instead wove his way through a number of completely unrelated and and all together more interesting subjects. Some friends are annoyed that I didn't buy them tickets. Better get a bigger hall next time (could it be a quarterly event perhaps?). Bravo!

Thank you.

Sounds so weak, doesn't it, to just say that? But it shouldnt. You, and everyone else, threw one of the most by-turns-inspiring, touching, enlightening, funny, and interesting days I've ever had.

And it gave this lowly chemical informaticist new ideas and new directions for my work, so the fireworks going off in the heads of the denizens of the plannersphere must still be lighting up London.

That's what I mean.

Thank you.

(And you've got CDs with my favourite song *ever* on. How cool is that?)

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