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I dug out an old T-shirt last night to put in the post to Ben today. Then left it at home, far, far away from the Post Office.


Unfortunately I have 2 tickets to interesting 2007 I would like to donate to good homes email me cthastings at gmail.com

Is this my shirt? Looks great. Can´t wait to get my shirt :)

A friend of mine has two tickets to interesting '07 who which are going for a song - email me at triggerhappy12 at hotmail dot com.

I'm still coming along, but have no printer etc - I will just have to bring a driving licence to prove who I am. :)

Can't now make it on Saturday so will donate my ticket david at partnerships dot org dot uk

I have 1 ticket to give away.

I have 1 ticket to give away.

Could anyone with a ticket please email me at JamesPeterBuchanan at gmail dot com

Thank you!

I am looking for 2 tickets for the interesting show 2007. I would gratefully appreciate anyone who is willing to donate in return I buy you a lotto ticket or or lotto scratch for you. Pls contact haseen

haseen247 at hotmail dot com

I have 4 tickets at face value. Just drop me a line

syncopatedrhythm at gmail dot com

Hi I have 1 ticket available for the interesing show 2007. Please contact me by email for further details.

Thanks Mario

I sadly can't make it tomorrow but have a ticket at face value if anyone is keen. Email me at fuller.gj@gmail.com. Cheers.

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