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I'm in for helping you on Friday daytime just mail me.

As for the Drinks on night
Commercial tavern on Commercial Str. Would be great

Hi Russell - my email is going through a panic of its own and while i can receive them, I can't send emails, so i'm commenting here.

I'm happy to help out early morning and later after work on Friday at TDC and can be at Conway Hall bright and early on Saturday morning. If you still have my email, mail me.

And as suggested in The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy: DON'T PANIC :)

I wont be in town til late night Friday, but if I can make it in early on the Saturday i'll come help out if needed!

Hi Russell,
I'm in for helping on Friday day time as well.
You can email me: organic.frog@gmail.com

I'll turn up anytime, anyplace for a bacon sarnie. See you early saturday.

I am definitely up for the bacon sarnie early saturday.

I'll be in town from Friday morning, so would be happy to help for a couple of hours at some point during the day. Just let me know where to be when...

As before, delighted to help. I can offer a couple of hours on Friday, and on Saturday morning too.

Russell, count on me for any kind of help on Saturday. And hopefully I'll make it to any rendez-vous on friday.


Hi Russell,

I arrive from Portugal Wednesday, so Friday I’ll be glad to be in the design conspiracy office helping anyway I can.

Meet you there.




Commercial - home of beersphere - Tavern is all booked up on Friday.


Queen's Head: http://www.beerintheevening.com/pubs/s/10/1092/Queens_Head/Bloomsbury

Or Yorkshire Grey:

Both on Theobalds Road near Conway Hall.

I've tried to give them a ring but couldn't get through - am off out of country now until thurs so if anyone has a chance to give them a bell that could be cool.

Not sure we need to book space somewhere but Friday night places get busy...


Seems like you need a good account person or two (or six). ;-)

Best wishes on Interesting 2007. If I were anywhere near, my sleeves would be rolled up for you.

Hi Russell, I will be at Conway Hall at 8:30 Saturday and will help in any way I can.

Hi Russell.
I can't get from Leeds early enough.
Really sorry.

russel has I said in the comment above I'm arriving at London tommorow. So if you need me mail me at jcorreiapereira@gmail.com


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