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So much great, thought-provoking stuff, for which I was merely the high-kicking, tutu-touting light relief. Congrats to all.

It was certainly was a great day. Really brilliant.

Thank you

t'was excellent, Russell. thanks to you and all that spoke, helped and attended in making it such a fantastic event

roll on i08!

I attended the aptly named Interesting conference, arrived at 815, left at 645 and not one moment dragged or was boring. And no one talked about work! Well, except those alt art film makers - let's call them that, shall we.

It's an amazing achievement to have so many people keep to the programme and be interesting too.

I was wondering though, could anyone have put something like this together other than you Russell? The community that's grown up around your blog is enormous and remarkable, full of highly intelligent people who are generous and kind hearted. Which kinda describes you. Thank you for a stupendous day.

Warmness for Russell!

I still walk the many mile back to Munich. Is long way? I take bigger steps!

Everyone who spoke helped make it. But I think its Russell's judgement on who people are that helped pick such good people for the job (I dont really include myself in that, even though mine went ok... im still not sure why I got chosen alongside such good people!!).

Yes someone else could have done it, but would it have been anywhere near as well supported and well chosen? I seriously doubt it.

thanks very much Russel
the entire day was really INTERESTING!!!

discussing with the italian friends I have had an idea: why not making INTERESTING a...brand!

I mean we can try to organise something like that (not as perfect as this one) in Italy and called this day INTERESTING ITALY 2008 (I am sure we need a bit of time ) and the same applies for the danish, german, wherever they came from colleagues... then we can translate everything and pull together a biggest wiki and so on and on

are you ready for globalisation?

A truly great day Russell, well done and thank you.

I think this is the start of something big!!

It was indeed a good day. A very good day. Thank you!

'Till next time, I hope?

Congrats Russell.

PS. You should know that the author of that image entitled Jaime's Day you have posted above is a copy writer who has started a blog that has me in complete awe....

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