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Russell -

I live an hour from the Richmond airport. If you need a place to stay tonight, shoot me an e-mail. I had meant to contact you about your trip, and to set up a coffee morning, but it never worked out.


hello Charlie,

That's very kind thanks, but I managed to get out of their pretty quickly. I have to say JetBlue acquitted themselves really well.

great 'this is life' window on the Richmond airport.

i think it's interesting that you're pushing for new technology to come out faster when most people find it hard to keep up with the latest/greatest. Your personal Twitter insight "keeps me going" got to me; now I'm considering it. Thanks!

what technology/gadgets/digital play things do you currently toy with?

good job jetBlue. I'm flying them for the first time this Sunday "shuteye" flight to NYC, excited to experience comfort in the air. glad you blog a lot,

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