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Excellent. So sleek. I'm stealing this idea if you don't mind.

Russel - not sure if you caught the mobile study we did with the FT last week (http://podcast.ft.com/?section=digital). It highlighted you can have all the fancy gadgets in the world, but without a plug you're kinda powerless (sorry!).

Thought I was turning into a electricity-obsessed freak until I started to get emails and texts from old friends who shared the same pain. Didn't know there were so many people who cared. Freaky stuff.

Liking the 2 hour green thing. Very SEGOR.

I love it! It's the kind of thing Ready Made mag would love! Very nice indeed.

domestic wirey neatness.. lovely.

I think it's such a great idea. I hate the messy tangles as well, but usually I put them all in one cat bed I obtained when I bought Friskies.


Really nice idea and less cheaper than the Multipot (http://www.multipot.it/). But have a look at the Wildcharge: http://www.wildcharge.com/

Of course! So simple! And I've been thinking about spending hard-earned money on one of those fancy gadget valets they sell at Brookstone. I'm totally stealing this idea, only using a disused basket I have lying around the house.

Such a neat idea -- why didnt I think of this?

I feel a new blog coming on, Russell. It would be interesting to chart your rise to 'handiness'.

Very impressive

I love this idea, wires do my nut too.

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