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Would love to join you for coffee. Can we make it Thursday evening? Im supposed to be slaving away in a hot kitchen Friday morning in McMinnville outside of Portland.

I'm not sure how I ended up here, but in reading your post from back in March about carbon neutral agencies, I thought I'd let you know we are almost there on our carbon inventory and about to do the offsets, as well as the reduction strategies.

Also, I'd like to intorduce you to our firm:


I like your blog quite a bit. hope you don't mind that I link to it from mine.

Cheers. if Thursday can work, let me know.


We've been enjoying coffee at the Stumptown Ace on SW Stark and 10th. But if it's nice, someplace outside would probably be better.

You know I'm up for it and I'd bet a couple of friends from work will join in too. I'm not the best on recommendations for where though. We'll have to wait from someone groovier to suggest the place. Looking forward to it!

Stumptown at the new Ace Hotel. Delightful

When you are not working, and want a coffee talk in Portland, let me know.

Portland coffee - the best in the States! If you hadn't already decided on Stumptown I would have suggested the Pied Cow on SE Belmont. But Stumptown is an excellent choice as well. My fiancee keeps a bag of theirs in our freezer.

That was fun. Thanks!

Russell, I've only just read that you're in town - and I missed last Friday - let me know when you're up for another cuppa and I'll be there!

Actually I'll be in Portland from 15 Aug. Will you still be there and game for one on the 17th?

Russell - It was great to meet you (albeit too briefly). I'm sorry if I came off as a horrid fanboy. Trust me... it's rare (and embarrassing). I'd love to get the chance to grab a coffee or a beer and chat with perhaps a little more substance some day.

hello all, excellent to see everyone. Although briefly. We're leaving on Friday I'm afraid, so won't be able to do another. But we've enjoyed ourselves so much I think we'll be back next year. See you then.

Stump Town coffee is totally overrated and no one here (Portland) seems to know that light roast coffee exists. I've lived here for about 6 months and I've found that there are really two types of places to get your coffe from in the sea of shops here, pretentious and corporate. The pretentious places are full of tattoo-clad poseurs with attitude because you're not "cool" enough for their coffee and the corporate coffee shops are full of "everyone else". Take your pick, the coffee tastes the same at each and you won't find a light roast unless you search high and low...

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