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I was wondering the same thing, and think that the wonderful thing about R4 is its lack of commercial constraint and the freedom it therefore has to be as esoteric as it likes. Would commercial backers not have kittens at some of the content R4 puts out during the day?

Also, the the thought of R4 having to change in the face of competition scares me!

Just browsing the internet, very interesting blog.

Ah Danny Baker. Many a time I rolled in late to work from trying to listen to all of his BBC London morning show before setting off.
He talks a hell of a lot of sense - why isn't he prime minister goddamn it?
Thanks for posting Russell.

The BBC needs competition and I really hope C4radio gives it the kick up the ass it needs.

I'm not suggesting its all bad, it does have its moments, but for too long Radio 4 and 3 have had no real competition in the speech department and they just don't take enough risks. As much as they claim to be ground breaking and original, really they are far from it (have you listened to an afternoon play recently?).

And the reason you don't hear good spoken word content on commercial radio? Well thats because it costs alot more to get a script written, pay actors, journalists, producers, directors etc than it does to pay a presenter to introduce automated music. And guess what? This eats into profit. So good to hear Danny Baker talk about how commercial radio has been crippled. It has been crippled by greedy shareholders.

There is great radio out there and some it is broadcast by the BBC. Don't forget Resonance FM when it gets it right.

I really hope C4 Radio lives up to its hype and offers an alternative to the (sometimes) stale/dry output of Radio 4 and 3.

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