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What about Library Thing for books? http://www.librarything.com/

"Meet the worlds's largest book club. Find people with eerily similar taste."

Eerily is a bit like creepy isn't it?

I've not tried it, mainly because I know I'd get addicted and I'm already trying to cull my books. But it looks like the kind of thing you're on about.

I'm in need too - all these hip social networking parties tonight that I'm reading about on twitter but did I know about even one of them? It 's enough to give a boy a complex.

I like the 'riding on the coat tails' thesis - although surely what's exciting about the web is the fact that geography is no longer critical to the process?

I mean, there are always going to be your cool friends with the cool CDs, but now you don't have to be in their bedrooms over the other side of town.

Have you heard of AllConsuming.net? Users can share about things that they're consuming (books, music, movies, food) and say if it was "worth consuming". I've found some good stuff through people with similar taste in there.

Oh dear. I don't think I'm at the front of the peloton for anything. I'm pure stalker.

This is awesome dude. And essential. With digital comes infinite choice - so the problem becomes how do I navigate infinite choice? Via social recommendation. Amazon's greatest innovation and the most potent up / cross selling tool ever.

All you need to know is one thing you like and then you surf the network of socially created connections to something else. Like in the Musicplasma thing, only using behaviours.

Grant's written a nice build on this over on Cultureby - we are all networks. And I think he disrupts the notion of the individual, which should make Mark happy ;-p

Rock on.


Blogs and the internet have changed the way I live, think and express myself. I now understand the motivations behind a lot of very odd reporting and tell every kid I spend any time with "challenge everything" - stole that from Electronic Arts.

One of the best things that's happened to me in recent years is - my sister plays in a band. They play all over London, every kind of venue, competitions, open mic, parties. I go 90% of the time and cannot describe how much richer my knowledge is of: the pubs, clubs and bars of London, how pop bands operate, and the uplift you get from raw, intimate, live music.

Find a band and follow it. Or check out: "Thank You Driver."

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