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The sound is clear in my thinkpad. And it's really interesting.

Very interesting. And I liked the Interesting 2007 sound at the end.

absolutely fantastic...entertaining and informative. being from rural areas you would think that i would have know a bit more about splitting logs but i suppose we spend a lot of time in oregon trying to keep them as trees!

really great - interesting us west coast?

better sound would be better, but it's good enough for me to say it's good enough.

i'm now getting the same nervous feeling i had on the day where i had to wait through everyone else's fantastic presentations before i did my effort.

nice work sir !

Russell, I very much appreciate the effort you're continuing to put in with the Interesting stuff. As I wasn't able to attend I am following this with great interest.

fantastic! simple, clever fun. :) thanks

Adrian really set the day’s tone beautifully.

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