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Who are those guys guarding the coffee cup? I found one in my bath and wondered where he came from. Pardon my ignorance. Are they on the telly?

I find them vaguely menacing for some reason. Like they're going to attack the coffee and steal its foam. Or something.

Menacing? That's the Green Lantern Corps. They're an intergalactic police force:


I love that they're described as "hyper-intelligent and noble, but sometimes short-sighted and arrogant"... sounds like a good shorthand for the planning profession. I think I now understand your affinity for them.

Is that Iron Man they're taken out in the background? Before the coffee cult worship began.

Business casual as per usual?

Russell, are you still having a coffee morning at 11?
I'd be keen to pop along.
I quite fancy myself as Kyle Rayner (for was he not a struggling but gifted freelance graphic artist before he donned the ring?)

Damnation! Read this too late!

there is an abstract bull in your cappucino chocolate sprinkles

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