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So it's just a note book? Am I missing something?

Very good. Especially the specification bit.

Oooooh how nice. I ordered some too last week. I'm excited now...

Did you see the cool thing they did with LifeHacker. As soon as they got blogged they commented on the post and offered a $5 off discount code (if you ordered a few books). Very nice reactive tactic I though...

Ooh a competitor to Moleskine...nice.

Congrats on the 3rd most influential digital type person in the NMA.

its all in the details -

very nice. have you also seen bb/saunders' 365pages books.


definately worth getting your hands on one of those, if not for the lush design, then for the bubbled clear cover.

also the london design museum do a similar notebook with specs printed on the covers.

Where did you get that bad boy from? Was it in the UK?

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