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I guess - given the way most mobiles work - these are mostly intended for people whose names begin with T? So all the Tanyas, Tonys and Terrys of the world are more likely to have their intimates leaked.

(Definitely too yucky used that way!)

@Rob Mosley: not at all. I'm so in the habit of using Twitter as my default communication platform that it's habit to always select it now.

Hmmmm. I found twitter to be far more considered than blogging. Some people will put down the who, why, what of their day “I’m at the airport, I’m in the bar, etc.” Others are forcing it, sorry to say. They’re trying way too hard to be the poet they’re not—in 140 characters or less–by coming up with the most profound statements and musings on life they can think of.

Ya know, sometimes, a traffic light is just a traffic light and really no more profound than that.

or a 'twatter' after i sent a 'hey how are you?' plus kiss for my wife to my twitter friends

'...creating a sense of presence in other peoples lives without needing to talk or be physically present.'

From the ethnographic research quoted in that article.

This stands out for me as being something very important - a piece of insight you would call it.

Works in love as well as advertising.

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