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can't watch clip...set to private...coming in too fast...must pull up

And he wore an official tshirt and he used the official platinum branding in his presentation.

All important points.

Sorry Charlie...fixed now...OK leader, good luck.

Great presentation and really good references about culture in the city. Thank you guys!

really fantastic presentation, grounded, and poetic at the same time. absolutely love the thought that the digital age and urbanization is bringing out some latent capacities in us at a faster pace than before...the references to jane jacobs, parcour, and his magnet-bearing friend (and i'd suggest oscar pistorius as another example of this transformation)left me both excited and confused. what are we witnessing, a recycled social engineering project by urban planners and designers, or a true passage into another plane of humanity where we are becoming a bit more like what we used to call god? doesn't matter though, it just made my day.

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