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Cool gizmo! Do you know if there's a desktop widget that tells you how much wattage the computer and all the peripherals are sucking down, both in active and dormant states? Until they put a Wattson into every freezer door, that would be a nice start.

Yeah, it's a cool gadget for change the behaviour "turn off the light". This is another interesting gadget http://www.iwantoneofthose.com/t-qualizer-music-tee/index.html. It's perfect when someone shouts you and say: "No, I never shout"... well, you can demostrate.

i wonder how your usage of it will change over time - whether you'll become obsessed or blind to it ?

perhaps you'll start using it as a reading light and find yourself switching the immersion on just so the light gets a bit brighter !

alternatively, there must be some money to be made renting these out cheaply to friends. £10 a week would be a good price.

i always recon those spyder devices for setting up the colour on your PC monitor would be a good thing to rent instead of buy too.

perhaps there's a business here somewhere. best not mention it to anyone else though hey ?

Hopefully the price of such gadgets will come down as they face competition from smart meters, which the Goverment's recent energy policy white paper recommend as a compulsory thing.

Of course, that's the sort of thing that has the more idiotic papers yelping about "gas and electricity spies in your home". I wonder what they think existing meters do?

URLs, as your comment form seems to strip HTML:

I think this device is super-important. We'll see more of them - there's one called iFaucet (or something terrible) for water usage in real-time too. Then network all these together to give a real-time energy profile for the home. Then aggregated to enable you to see streets, districts. Then you can 'game' each other to see which of your neighbours is wrecking your street's average etc. Will either lead to the salvation of humanity or post-Ballardian punctures in the fabric of society. Either way, super-important.

Brilliant - I am doing a gadget piece for the Spectator, love this!

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