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Just plain brilliant. Site looks gorgeous :)

It's all a bit hurried for me - but looks great.

Der. I guess mine didn't get there in time.

Well ... keep an eye out! May's not too far away.

It's come up lovely. Nice work.

I loved reading everyone's! super idea.

I think this is great. But from a design perspective it would be good to have the scans of double sided cards next to each other. As it is its a bit confusing as to which back matches which front once you scroll down a bit.

You're going to have to work out what happens after ten thousand years. Does it go 'bong'?

Not quite sure what happened to mine - posted it weeks ago. Never mind, it wasn't anywhere near as entertaining as the ones that made the update.

Ah, Gemma, I'm sorry about that. Not sure what happened either. Postal strike? And/or I have to say the mail box people don't seem the most attentive in the world. But I could be wrong.

I guess that's one of the kinks we'll have to iron out. Should be sorted after 10 or 20 updates I imagine.

Dawdlr is a good name. Although I had to click on the what is dawdler link to find out what it exactly is. The post cards look really nice and some are crazy. Crazy but interesting. Thanks for making this day more inspiring. You have a very curious experiment going on. I hope it becomes a success!

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