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Yes let's have Interesting2008. A tall order to beat 07.

InterestingSound, InterestingMelody, Interesting for Ears - could be great.

The first thing that came into my head is that it would be dark, like Le Trois Garcons, but with sound instead of food for a more 'Interesting' experience.

Just a (bad) idea.

Love the idea - and you chose my home town, even better.

I think their really needs to be some limit on 'laptop jam' type stuff - of course there is good laptop stuff, but I'd like to hear people using weird strange crazy things to make cool interesting sounds.

Interesting 2008, yes definitely.

Personally I'm not into the music thing (too worried about the laptops and ambient noodling bit). But I still think you should do it. It will be good and the eveningness will make a nice change.

ps: idea for venue in Brighton - Duke of Yorks Cinema - http://www.picturehouses.co.uk/cinema_home_date.aspx?venueId=doyb

Brighton's St George's Church is a lovely venue. http://www.stgeorges-church.org/venue.htm

Yes to both, though I think the sound thing might need to be a smaller type of event. :)

Interesting2008? Yesssssssssssss. (Have a feeling you'd've been bullied into doing it even if you hadn't suggested it, since the 2007 one went down so well.) Put Nonsense down for some as-yet-unspecified help.

The sounds thing sounds great. Wish I was more musical - always fancied one of those funny keyboard/guitar hybrid things like the Les Rythmes Digitales guy uses live.

Yep to both on my count, Russell. I think the sound thing could be really interesting - but how to document it? Take a soundboard recording of everything and film peoples responses? That's a cool project in itself. Brighton would be cool. For us London dwellers it's ok too - stay over on the evening then train up to London the next morning? Is it going against the grain of Interesting to suggest the music has themes, or trains of thought that bring them together?

Sounds like a great idea! maybe somebody could master how to play a Tenori-On?! - http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=_SGwDhKTrwU

Yes to both although I would love to hear people talking about sound as well, maybe that won't work. Dunno... The psychology of sound does fascinate me so...

Interesting Audio, and Interesting 08? Yes please. (Rhodri and his saw would be worth the admission price alone)
Come on, let's do it...

Yes to both!

I'm in if you want me, but I have a tendency towards ambient laptop noodling as you know; I'd have to come up with something special for this!

(And Interesting2008 sounds great. Yes please.)

Yes to both Russell. I play the introductory version of the bagpipes if that qualifies.

Like 'em both. Sign me up. This time I'll try and make it!

ooOoooOooooh. Nice. I've just nudged the ixi-software folk (who are in Brighton) to see if they would be up for playing along.

Slub would be interested too, I'm sure, they do Live coding in Perl to generate sounds.

Yes and double yes.

10 minute slots are quite reasonable (some might even want only 5 minutes ?). I'd volunteer, if my noodling wasn't so painful.

Clearly Rhodri playing his saw and the Electroplankton Quartet were just a taste of things to come.

Interesting 2008++

yum - yes to both

I was stuck in Ireland* so missed intresting 2007 - but count me in for 2008

* sticky mud thing - long story.

Sounds interesting.

Are you familiar with circuit bending? Worth considering?


Also, would it be too much to hold such an event in complete darkness? Probably. It would certainly make the refreshments complicated.

Yesireeboob. Twice.

You've probably all seen this but its worth looking at again.


Brighton's my home town too so I'd have no excuse for not coming this time.

In the film '32 short films about Glenn Gould' there is a scene where the composer is in a cafe (like Interesting meets egg, bacon, chips and beans) He is tuning into different conversations which gradually merge together and we have a piece of music made purely of voices. It would be nice build something out of that.

You might want to connect with dorkbot ("people doing strange things with electricity"), who organize a monthly event in London, and many other cities:


Interesting 2008; yes, definitely!

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