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for sure to interesting 08! maybe incorporate an interesting sounds session night before or after the day itself. i'd be up for a having a go at a short slot of audio nonsense

If pre recorded vinyl captured music is allowed I could bringa record player and play Double Dee and Steinski's Lesson One - a mix created from reel to reel tape painstakingly spliced together - tho maybe not so special as that's how they did it in the early 80's before the sampler came along and gobbled everything in its sight.

Eat your heart out Fat Boy!

And if you like that, Lesson two and three as the sun comes up.

I read a comment by Tom Waits and Jim Jarmusch that the sounds of the typewriter and cash register have disappeared from our culture. So on impulse I bought a 1920s typewriter on Ebay - which I want to play like a beatbox that makes language. Mebbe with enough notice I might learn to type musical sense. I'd need to hook up a mike and a camcorder linked to a projector.

I think the Prince Albert is a good venue, depending on how many people attend - they have a great upstairs room for music / gigs etc

Count me in Russell...how could I resist interestingsounds.

I'm a bit slow on the uptake but yes to both. Hooray!

I would like to perform. Brighton is about 250 miles away though :-( How about London - surely there must be an arty venue in London that would have us...

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