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looks awesome.

apparently the lack of cycle racks is due to the vehicle exclusion zone, set up as one of the terrorism security measures. seems odd they couldn't think a way around it though...

Nice pictures (are those scanned in polaroid pictures? I found my old polaroid at the bottom of a box the other day and keep meaning to buy some new film).

And how cool that you get treats for your dad instead of money!

I was down at St Pancras myself yesterday, bright and early, to shoot some video for the Qype blog. Have a look here: http://en.blog.qype.com/2007/11/14/st-pancras-international-part-2/

I was pretty impressed by the whole thing, very jealous that you actually got to take the train. Think I may have to wait a while until that happens.

Life in the milieu.

Cool! That sounds like a splendid day. I got to arrive in St P yesterday morning on one of the super new East Midlands Trains. Which are not, at first glance, any different from the Midland Mainline trains they were until Sunday. But I did get to gawp at the station!

What a day - crepes, protests, wandering, V.I.Pness, and more wandering. Doesn't get much better than that.

It was one of my dreams for this year!If it is true about the saying "be careful what you wish for", I might get to Eurostar till the New Year's Eve :) One coffee in Paris, next in UK! Friends are on the way ;)

I take it you had coffee (and crepes) in the Tuileries or am i mistaken ?

I make that Coffee site the Jardin du Luxembourg, if I recognise those greedy birds. But probably not...

I went past St Pancras the other day and saw the signage for the 'luxury apartments' for sale.
The sign says limited edition apartments, 1 of 67! The phrases limited edition and luxury seem to make me angry these days. Limited edition flats! I mean really.

I think they may have sorted out the bike thing to some extent http://www.treehugger.com/files/2007/11/stpancras_prote.php


Love trains. Wish we had the nice trains (and stations) you do over the pond.

Thought I'd attach a new Eurostar site a colleague worked on that's quite fun.

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