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As I blogged on friday after going to a discussion about just this subject - social media is too much like hard work for the people sending the messages especially when they're driven by goals that emphasise coverage rather than impact.

We can easily tell the difference between a 'personalised' mass communication and a truly personal communication like a letter. If some stranger sends me an interesting one-to-one personal letter where they have grokked what I am about and are offering me something relevant, I can recognise that and that's great. But I suspect pseudo personalised messages based on filling in the blanks don't get past our highly developed inbuilt personal spam filters

A hilarious and well-written example of this:


I think the reason there is demand for this type of marketing software is so people like Chris don't have to waste time thinking.

The Holy Land where ads cease to be ads can only be reached if the ads are providing more utility than they are interrupting or distracting.

This is a central point in the debate between better demographic targeting and increased intent based relevance. Ads provide the greatest utility when placed in a location where I am seeking out relevant information such as in search; however, if you tap in the Facebook SocialAds network with all my demo info and target beer ads to me when I am searching for an apartment to rent, it really doesn't matter how much I may like beer. We need to seek out systems that marry these two components in a mutually beneficial manner.



this is just so damn right....the analogy to the "personalisd" emails you get is absolutely spot on.

But hey - marketing in general, and advertising in particular, have always been, well...spam! whether it's outdoor, to indoor, to radio to TV when the content is irrelevant to me- i will perceive it as spam.

The bluff of the new facebook ad system will be revealed soon as brands rush to shout their messages on facebook like flies to... (fill in your own) and people will get highly annoyed by the intrusion.

Search, was, and still is the holy-grail and I just cannot see this simplicity of matching interested individual with a marketing message taking place on social platform were people mostly want to hang-out...

You make a great point -- that this personalized marketing will only happen with big ticket items, those worth the work. But even then, I think it will quite a while before it really happens. The truth is that marketers for the most part (and I am one so I think it ok to say this) really just don't want to work that hard. Everyone wants the simple, silver bullet -- punch in some inputs and get some outputs type of marketing strategy/execution.

It is hard to do the time consuming and disciplined analysis and documentation to create a truly personalized approach. Easier to just buy some ads and then moan on about half of them are wasted..yadda yadda.

But for those that invest the time or build the tools, the pot of gold will be at the end of that rainbow. No doubt about it.

Despite most bloggers having a very high opinion of their reach, most have traffic numbers so low that to effect any kind of buzz, you HAVE to write those outreach emails to a 1000 or more. Even if you get stories blogged about on a high profile blog like Techcrunch or Mashable, you still have to write another few hundred blogs to get enough linkage to even slightly move the needle on a campaign.

The blogosphere as a whole is incredibly influential, but individual blogs, not so much, except within their own echo chamber, and no offense to you or your readers, of which I am one.

I fear that the problem here is that what you're looking for is not "marketing", it's actually "sales" (and probably one-to-one sales at that). Sales as a commercial function (especially when big ticket items are involved) has necessarily different objectives, costs, chances of closing, etc vs marketing. This probably means the medium needs to be used differently with possibly a different context to the dialogue?

Ever since I started blogging more actively, I've been getting more spam mail than before. It's not to say I get a lot but I never used to receive any in the first place. Anyway, I think you nailed that part about personalization perfectly. The more they try to personalize their message, the less genuine it all seems.

Yup, right again. There are two types of web / digital media site out there:
1. those for marketing and 2. the REAL WEB.

Your conversations belong in the latter.


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