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Lovely idea Russell. Personally think I prefer your positive outlook but both will be interesting :)

Sounds really interesting - have you thought about approaching Creative review? They publish their small pamphlet publication each month "Monograph' for subscribers, which features a project or personal body of work. Might be quite well suited?

I've been trying unsuccessfully for about ten minutes to figure out how to upload a photo directly to the photo pool. No joy. Could you please enlighten me on how to do this?

Doug Turner
email: douglass dot turner at gmail dot com

I struggled with Flickr, unusually, to do this....

The answer? Upload the photo to your flickr account. go to the page view for that photo and then select "send to group" from the list of options above that photo

The use of Flickr in creating a project like this is great, just growing accustomed to it as it looks a bit smarter nowadays.

Presently in Bangkok. Great photops!

russell this sounds like a great idea, you know my longtime obsession with what we called during an exchange "context planning". Great.

Yeah, this is great.

Maybe you could do pamphlets that will fit into a custom ring binder? (You know me: Always chasing the nifty.)


I am interested in this topic and i wish to ask if you'll accept entries from southeast asia - the Philippines in particular? Likewise, i wish to know if the copyright of the submitted photograph will still remain with the photographer (which i think is the right thing).


Dennis Rito

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