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Hi there,

I was just wondering whether access is restricted to the account planning school of the Web. I'm training myself at the moment and would like to try out some sample projects, i.e. writing creative briefs, etc.

If anyone has any info that might help, this would be really appreciated???

... in regards to my previous question; i managed to find some old APSW projects, So i've got enough to keep me busy for the moment.

It's just that getting in to Paul's blog seems to require some sort of authorisation and password... It's no worries though, i'm gonna have a go at Andrew and Stuarts DFS project, from a while back, an see where it takes me. Cheers.


Hi. Paul's closed his blog. For reasons best known to himself. But he's going to post the School Of The Web tasks on here soon. And then we'll work out who might want to take it on next.



Sorry everyone for taking so long to do this.

I could bore you with excuses about why it has taken so long, but instead I'm just going to promise to look at all the entries tonight and post the results today/tomorrow.

Hi Russell and Paul,

Thanks for your reply...

The fact that planners of your reputation and experience even consider sparing such an invaluable asset as your time - on those of us at the other end of the food chain – exemplifies the flattening of hierarchical structures, the retreat from absolute divisions of labour and the generalist ethos preached (or shared) on so many of these sites.

Not kissing ass or anything, it’s just that this recent venture into the undefined and purposefully malleable world of account planning has saved me from the nihilistic cynicism and existential crisis that was emerging from my previous literary pursuits. This is probably because I am no longer seeing myself as the passive recipient of post modernity’s temporal value systems and relatively hollow signifiers. Instead, now, I am inspired by the possibility of instigating cognitive and behavioural shifts through partaking in a symbols semiotic reinvention, albeit with sales as the primary qualifier of success.

(I know I’ve got to learn how to say things in a way that other people, apart from my self, can understand, but what the hell)

But in all honesty, why I’m crying out to have a go at one of the APSOW projects, is because I’m starting work experience at a creative agency pretty soon and I’ve heard that planning is a trade rather than a profession, so I guess all this reading, conversing, etc. is, although worthwhile in and of itself, not much use unless the theory is put in to practice and the tools, effectively, applied to the job at hand.

Sorry if this a bit to long, not quite up to date on blogging etiquette…


I would like to know if Paul will post the School Of The Web task?


PS by the way, soon it's going to be RS 5th blog anniversary!

Is this project on hold now? If there is something we can do to get the ball rolling on APSotW just ask.

-Justin in SF

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