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Hmpf. Was going to suggest a game of Go. Have you worked it out yet?!

Times change, things run their course. Fair enough.
I shall still go on Friday (it was in the diary and that's in stone). I'm not sure I have the same draw as you Russell but hey I like the coffee there. Rob from Nonsense said he was going too....

Sadly I was only able to make one. I enjoyed it thoroughly though.

I hope you will still turn up sometimes when someone else is running it!

I never even made one, now I never will. But people seem to be having coffee all over the world now, which is splendid.

Great photo.

this is sad news russell. coffee morning was how i met most of my lovely friends in london (good or bad as that may be!). in fact, so much so that we're hoping coffee morning melbourne may have a go next year. thanks for all the coffee mornings i got the chance to attend this year..

Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows whether there will be any more coffe mornings and if so where they will be taking place??

is anybody about for a coffee next Friday (29th) at The Breakfast Club?

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