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Speed dial to Flat White would have me bankrupt within a week. Nice idea though.

I think the place you dream of already exists - the Hilton in Manchester. Taller than Centrepoint, swanky penthouse on the top owned by the architect, a bar called Cloud 23 with views all over Manchester and at the bottom a classic Manchester pub called The Crown which I used to play pool in as child.

I spent many an afternoon playing snooker there when I worked at FCB just off Goodge St. Not a place for late at night though..

i was always under the impression there was a swimming pool on the roof, but that might have been an urban legend...

When I was living on Cleveland St, both the BT Tower and Centre Point served as trusty, heartwarming beacons on walks home from North London on many an occasion. Just wish I'd been able to visit the BT towers restaurant once when it was open.

You can still get into (and up) the BT Tower if you use your bonce - and there IS some shady stuff that goes on in Centre Point because my Dad used to work there and he had to sign the Official Secrets Act as a consequence - although I don't think he was ever told why.

I'll ask him.

The building currently being demolished and affording you a better view of CentrePoint, was actually the Government Citadel of legend.

I asked him.

He said he never had to sign the Official Secrets Act.

Lying bastard. To be fair, he DID try to kill me before he told me - but I got out of the headlock.

Maybe he's dodging the question by insisting that I put the apostrophe in the right place - SECRETS'.

Either way he's lost all currency with me.

I regret that we never had a game of snooker there before I left London. Maybe when I visit next time ... I never went there, sadly. The nasty subway always had strange 'stalagtites' hanging from the damp ceiling - they still there?

I wrote a psychogeographically-flavoured post about the place a few years back:

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