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There are millions of things I'd like to be able to put into my RSS reader;

1. Bank statements
2. Share prices
3. Photos marked as family/friends in Flickr
4. Email newsletters
5. iCal updates
6. Supplier invoices
and so on.

But that's probably not what you meant, is it?

I suppose it would be nice to follow a serialised drama like this; Sopranos or even Eastenders.

There's a lot of MP3 blogs that do a great job of dismantling genres in a decent way - I wouldn't want to listen to Krautrock or vintage Italo Disco all day but a track or two a week is very nice thank you very much...

Right now I'd love a detailed but one step a day RSS walk through of the US presidential election process. With associated historical context behind each step. Such as last night's midnight poll in one New Hampshire's electoral jurisdictions and the importance of today's primary in that state. It could run in four year cycles.

Schott's Miscellany!


Amelia, can you get Mr Schott onto this. It would be brilliant.

I was subscribed to the Diary of a Nobody feed for a while, until I'd had my fill of Mr Pooter. It's here:


It really is a great way to get through books like this. I'd quite like to reread various children's books in this way.

Just found a link to this by searching for Daryl and the Chaperones and found the November 26th 2004 entry. Was thinking this morning about old school discos and remembered watching you guys play at my local school, Granville in Woodville. Just been having a real blast from the past day and thinking about how hot Andy Redfern was. His dad was my driving instructor and he lived up the road from me. Ah many days spent as a spotty teen drooling out of my bedroom window.

Thanks for taking me back to the days :-)

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